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The CHIC 2018 Livestream was Sponsored by

National Covenant Properties

National Covenant Properties equips Covenant churches and individuals to help grow the Kingdom of God through investments and loans that drive ministry like no other resource.

National Covenant Properties (NCP) supports growth of local and regional ministries by connecting mission-minded investments to Kingdom-expanding projects. We understand that fruitful ministry requires facilities that are both inviting and effective. So, we bring inspired coaching and appropriate loans to Covenant congregations and other Covenant organizations that are seeking to improve their facilities.

NCP has been serving member churches and affiliated organizations of The Evangelical Covenant Church since our founding in 1970. National Covenant Properties currently provides more than $285 million in loans to more than 300 Covenant projects. Funds for these loans are obtained from NCP’s sale of investments to members and Covenant churches.

Our partnership serves individuals, congregations and organizations who share our commitment to Kingdom-building, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Please visit us at for more information and recent church projects.

2018 Video Archives

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Sunday MainStage — ft. Chris Durso  & Travis Green

Monday MainStage — ft. Megan Fate Marshmann & For King & Country

Tuesday MainStage — ft. Robert Madu

Wednesday MainStage — ft. Eugene Cho & Andy Mineo & Kings Kaleidoscope

Thursday MainStage — ft. Albert Tate & The New Respects


We raised $50,000 for Project UNITE!

During CHIC you generously gave $50,000 for Project UNITE, which went toward building a legacy fund so that more students can be part of the CHIC discipleship journey as well toward supporting work the Evangelical Covenant Church is doing with refugees.

Letter from David Husby, Director of Covenant World Relief: 

We had such a great time last week at CHIC in the Serve Globally Basecamp with both the Our World experience and the Refugee Journey. I am very grateful for the generous donations from the students, which totaled $50,000! These donations will support the refugee work being carried out by Serve Globally missionaries in Europe and CWR in Africa and Asia. We invite students to share what they learned at CHIC by leading their churches in a Refugee Journey. Learn more about how to host a Refugee Journey. You can continue to support refugees by giving online as well or by sending a check designated to Covenant World Relief for refugees to 8303 W. Higgins Road, Chicago, Illinois 60631

CHIC Worship Songs

Next Steps Devotional

Did you say “Yes I have decided” during CHIC? Are you seeking to grow in your relationship with God? This 7-day devotional is for you. We invite you to carve out a few minutes to sit with your Bible, a journal, and this devotional. An incredible change happens in us when we spend time reading the Bible, praying, and living into God’s love for us.


The Unite curriculum is a way for your whole church to join a journey of discipleship around five specific biblical purposes: strengthening and being the church, our call to be disciples, loving mercy and doing justice, serving globally, and being servant leaders. This six-week journey focuses on our CHIC theme of “unite.” Each week also refers to practical initiatives of the ECC’s five mission priorities that local Covenant churches can connect with. The sixth week includes the all-church project Refugee Journey that your congregation can engage, along with the rest of the Evangelical Covenant Church, as a larger family. Each week of the curriculum contains five components: a sermon outline, an adult Bible study outline, a youth ministry sermon outline, a youth small group study, and a children’s ministry option. Our hope is that each church will tweak, adjust, and add to the content as needed to adapt to your ministry context.