CHIC Transport­ation

General transportation information for each conference can be found below. Contact your conference CHIC liaison for specific details.


If you are traveling from somewhere other than the Anchorage Bowl, your group is responsible to get themselves to Anchorage.

Everyone will depart Anchorage (Ted Stevens International Airport) in the evening on July 13 and will arrive in Knoxville, Tennessee on July 14. Everyone will depart Knoxville, Tennessee on July 20, late morning and will arrive at Anchorage in the evening on July 20.

Prices are still subject to change as no tickets have been purchased to date. The current estimate is roughly a cost of $875-$900 per ticket depending on the number of tickets needed in the end.

Your travel price will include:

  • The plane ticket itself
    • A slight (5-7 dollar) extra charge to accommodate the possibility of taxes and fees that are subject to change. If those extra 5-7 dollars does not get used, the excess funds are put into the World Mission offering taken at CHIC.
    • If we end up needing more tickets than we initially purchase, the price will increase slightly as well because we will have reserved the least expensive ones and any tickets we add later on will be more expensive.
  • An “Alaska CHIC” t-shirt

If you want to reserve tickets for your group, contact Cory Alverts as soon as possible.


Each church should arrange their own transportation, however here are some options per province. Contact your conference liaison to help coordinate with other churches.

Drive (rent vans)
Possibly connect with Northwest Conference churches for bus transportation.
Most likely fly, although busing with NW Conference is a possibility.
Charter buses, and may be joined by a British Columbia church or two.
British Columbia
Fly or bus with Alberta


The Central Conference encourages all involved churches to travel to Knoxville via Central Conference Chartered Buses, departing and returning to convenient locations around the entire area of the conference. Once your church registers, we will contact you to get see if you plan on using Central Conference busing.

Please contact Edgar Torres with questions.

East Coast

The East Coast Conference is coordinating buses and flights as needed.

Please talk to Chris Wall if you would like to be connected to another church using the same method of travel as your group.

Great Lakes

There will be buses available from the Jamestown, New York area and Michigan.  Please contact Linda Winer at linda_winer@att.net or lwiner@thornapple.org for more information.


Contact your liaison Dale Lusk with transportation needs.


Buses are available for Midwest Conference Churches to utilize for transportation to CHIC.

For costs and seat availability please contact the regional coordinator closest to you:

Kansas City (and surrounding area)
Jim Eaton (First Cov, Salina)
(402) 710-8753

Central Kansas
Jim Eaton (First Cov, Salina)
(402) 710-8753

Deb Bonsall
(402) 380-1984

Tim Hawkinson
(209) 648-7617

Iowa CHIC Transportation Sign Up Form

Tom Dierenfeld
(507) 351-2196

Interested in flying?
We are not arranging flights for MWC churches, However, if you contact Tom Dierenfeld he can give you some good advice on getting less expensive tickets, based on his CHIC2015 experience.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Jim Eaton, your CHIC liaison.


Northwest Conference Bus Transportation
There will be multiple pick-up locations throughout the conference.

Information and registration materials are available on the Northwest Conference website.
Contact Cheryl Theilen or Ginny Olson with your questions.

Pacific Northwest

Traveling from the Pacific Northwest to Knoxville Tennessee is only practical via air travel.
Since arranging air travel for the entire conference would be too complicated and costly, we are recommending each group attending CHIC make their own reservations. However, our Liaison team is available to partner with you to help accomplish this goal. We have some helpful resources available, and some general tips to make the process easier.

In the past, groups traveling from the Pacific Northwest have arrived a day early for a rafting trip at added cost; we have not yet solidified plans for a PacNW excursion, but will be rolling out information by the fall.

NOTE: The extra night’s stay at UT will cost a small additional fee per person. However, traveling early should make booking flights easier and allow your group to be more rested the first day since they won’t have to be at the airport at 4:00 am.

Helpful Resources

If you want to avoid a travel agent and find your own tickets, Kayak.com is a great place to start. After you input your travel dates it will search all the discount ticket sites and show you the best deals.

General Tips

  • Block out seats early. Up to eleven months before your travel date you can “block out” seats without giving names or a deposit. Generally, this will give you the best price as well as allow you to fly in and out of the Knoxville airport, which is very small. If you don’t know how many people will be traveling in your group, we suggest you estimate a number and add 5!
  • It may be cheaper to fly into an airport other than Knoxville and rent vehicles to get you to UT- when searching for tickets, see what surrounding airports have to offer.
  • Many have had success soliciting donations of air miles from their congregation. This could be a great way to save money. Be aware, though, that you may have to send small groups on several different airlines, which can get complicated.
  • Get help! Ask parents or others in your congregation to call the airlines, get quotes, and put together possible itineraries. Don’t make CHIC travel your full-time job!
  • If you are going to CHIC for the first time consider partnering with someone who has been before. Our CHIC Liaison team would be glad to help you out in any way.

The cost for CHIC travel from the Pacific Northwest has been anywhere from $300-600 per person. Plan, fundraise, or budget accordingly.

CHIC 2018 Liaison Team

Rebekah Strobel (Liaison)

Dan Meyerpeter
Britta Burger
Matthew Humphries
Laura Rudeen
Erik Cave

Pacific Southwest

Heather Tomscak, in partnership with the Conference Office, will be coordinating all of the transportation to/from all California and Arizona major airports. This will allow us to book blocks on several flights at the best possible prices.

Please contact Heather to confirm your church’s travel needs.


Details coming soon!