CHIC 2018 Livestream

The CHIC 2018 Livestream was Sponsored by

National Covenant Properties

National Covenant Properties equips Covenant churches and individuals to help grow the Kingdom of God through investments and loans that drive ministry like no other resource.

National Covenant Properties (NCP) supports growth of local and regional ministries by connecting mission-minded investments to Kingdom-expanding projects. We understand that fruitful ministry requires facilities that are both inviting and effective. So, we bring inspired coaching and appropriate loans to Covenant congregations and other Covenant organizations that are seeking to improve their facilities.

NCP has been serving member churches and affiliated organizations of The Evangelical Covenant Church since our founding in 1970. National Covenant Properties currently provides more than $285 million in loans to more than 300 Covenant projects. Funds for these loans are obtained from NCP’s sale of investments to members and Covenant churches.

Our partnership serves individuals, congregations and organizations who share our commitment to Kingdom-building, today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Please visit us at www.nationalcovenantproperties.org for more information and recent church projects.


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