Fundraising Intro

Cost is the single biggest obstacle for many students wanting to attend CHIC. Below you will find fundraising tips for youth workerss and other fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Tips For Youth Workers


Before you jump into actual fundraising ideas, it is important to consider how you will ask for support:
  • Create a plan. Plan out your fundraising timeline with a schedule before you begin organizing your fundraising events.
  • Relationships matter. Build a relationship with the people you would like to see invest in your ministry, then invite them to partner with you and to invest in students’ lives. Consider having a Youth Sunday once or twice a year so that your congregation can hear how God is working in your students’ lives. People who invest love to hear stories of how the Lord has used their money for his glory.
  • Keep the mission at the center. Think about the purpose of CHIC, and express that in heartfelt, tangible ways to your potential donors. The why is the most important, so keep it at the center of all of your fundraising activities.
  • Consider ways to personalize your fundraisers. Think about how you can make your fundraisers personal and unique to the students in your youth group. For example, use your students’ talents to create quality fundraisers (i.e., auction student artwork, students who want to pursue culinary careers may choose to host dinners, etc.).
  • Create a video. Ask students to create a video that shows how the money will be used. Show the video at fundraisers to share the why with those who attend events.

Fundraiser Ideas


  • Partner with a restaurant or business. Ask local businesses and restaurants to host a CHIC night and donate a portion of their proceeds to your ministry.
  • Make it fun for your congregation to give. Number several envelopes (i.e., #1-#100) and invite members of your church each to take an envelope with a number on it and donate at least that amount to CHIC scholarships (#1 = $1+; #15 = $15+). Make sure to talk about why you are raising these funds before you ask the congregation to invest through this fundraiser. 
  • Host a dinner party. Ask the youth group to plan and prepare a spaghetti dinner where volunteers provide the main course, side dishes, and homemade pies. Ask for a suggested donation at the door.
  • Sell t-shirts. Ask the youth group to come up with a creative design for t-shirts. Often shirts can be purchased for as little as $7, and you can sell them for up to $30. This is a good way to engage the whole youth group. 
  • Write letters. Invite the students to write letters asking for support from people beyond the church community, such as family members, friends, parents’ colleagues, businesses in the community, etc. Pray over the names of the recipients together, and be sure to ask the students to write “thank you” letters after CHIC to share how the trip impacted them.
  • Host a pancake breakfast at church. This can work well on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Ask the students and their families to provide the ingredients and to make the pancakes. Place baskets on the tables where attendees can make donations.
  • Work with your local municipality. Partner with your town or city for a coordinated work day. Ask the students to find sponsors for each hour they work with the city. Often the news that the youth group is partnering with the city brings in more donations and provides an opportunity for those who are not part of the church to engage with the ministry of the church in an easy way.
  • Work with your conference. Consider conference-wide ideas for raising funds. For example, partner with other Covenant churches in your region to put together a #GivingTuesday campaign for CHIC.
  • Keep it close. Consider how to raise funds as a church through programs that are already established. For example, Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of proceeds to charitable organizations when you sign up and make an account.
  • Work together. Consider partnering with another church that has significant financial needs and split the proceeds of your fundraisers among multiple youth groups.
  • Fill a need. Think about what things the community would like to see that you don’t readily have, and fill that need. For example, creating a Christmas Tree Lot in areas like Florida that do not often have easy access to Christmas trees.