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CHIC Hacks


Hey everyone! Jim Eaton here – I’m the Midwest Conference Liaison and youth pastor at First Covenant Church in Salina, KS. Having attended CHIC three times before, I’ve learned some CHIC “Hacks” that make my CHIC experience easier and better each time. I’m so excited to share them with you! Some hacks refer to new things this year, but most are things you MUST know– especially if this is your first CHIC.

I encourage you to share these hacks with each group you are connected to. If you have questions or other CHIC hacks, I encourage you to comment below! Many blessings in your CHIC prep!


1. Pack quick dry clothes!
You will sweat a lot. You will likely be rained on as well. Bottom line, you will get wet! Quick dry clothing will be a HUGE asset to you at CHIC2018

2. Bring Gold Bond.
Knoxville is known for their hot and humid summers, so beat the rashes and stay fresh! Products like Gold Bond powder will be your friend.

3. Bring a small fan to use at night.
Places like Walmart sell 3” fans that are perfect to bring to CHIC – especially if you’re in a dorm where the A.C. isn’t the best.


1. Get Fit for CHIC!
Let’s be physically prepared to provide excellent leadership for our groups. Join the closed Facebook group Fit 4 CHIC: “A group of Covenant youth workers working to be being physically ready for CHIC in July 2018.” Join the closed Facebook group today!

2. Know the nearby locations of Walgreens and Walmart.
Did someone forget something VERY important (like their prescriptions)? Thankfully there’s a Walgreen’s and Walmart near campus! Need a ride? Ask around – I’m sure someone can get you there quick!


1. Pack light by planning to buy your snacks on site.
YOU will have to haul your suitcase and everything you bring from your bus to your dorm. The more you bring, the harder that is. Keeping the snack load light is a great way to save weight in your pack.

2. Pizzas are available outside the arena after Mainstage.
Cash only!

3. Share your snacks.
It’s a great way to make new friends!


1. Experience Mainstage via the livestream.
We will be livestreaming all mainstage sessions on the website, as well as exclusive interviews with the speakers and artists! Make sure to bookmark chicconference.org.

2. Allow your student to experience CHIC to the fullest.
We want to encourage you to allow your students to fully immerse themselves in CHIC by not contacting them too often. We get that it’s hard to be away from them for a whole week, but we want to encourage you to allow your student to really experience all that God is inviting them into during this time, which includes time to process. Consider waiting until they’ve made it home… they’ll be PUMPED to tell you all that God is doing in their hearts!

Do you have your own CHIC hacks to share? Comment below!

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